Family Feud

Simulation of Family Feud game. Originally for 5th and 6th grade kids at LaMoine Christian Camp and since shared for educational and other use. Designed for Internet Explorer's full-screen mode at 800x600. As it's older and single-purpose, it is compatible with IE8 but not cross-browser.

Use the "n" key to advance to the next screen, number keys to indicate a correct answer, and the X key to indicate a wrong answer. This project originally started as a Powerpoint file that worked exactly the same way - but was insanely complex to edit.
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Culvers Web Calendar

Culvers publishes their flavor of the day by location on their web site. But they don't provide any way for me to view it in my calendar software. To remedy this, I set up a screen scraping script that will scrape the details from the web site and output it as a iCalendar feed. The results are cached to prevent unnecessary hits to the server. So far, I've had to modify the script twice to keep up with web site redesigns.

To modify this for your own Culver's location, replace the "edwardsville" value for $culverName with your location's URL name from the Culver's Locator. Once you enter your location and select a location from the list, it will redirect you to a URL containing your location's URL name.
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